1. farewell, farewell.

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    artist: fairport convention

    album: liege & lief

    label: a&m

    notes: bye.


  2. been here and gone so soon.


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    artist: insect trust

    album: insect trust

    label: capitol

    notes: tomorrow is the last day of playitasitlathes. it was my new year’s resolution to post a jam from vinyl every weekday of 2013 and i never missed one. the amount of response this project received kinda blew my mind— a sincere and heartfelt THANKS to every guest selector for lending their talents and an even bigger THANKS to anyone who ever found something nice on here. i’ll keep the existing download links alive for another 6 months so folks can continue to grab stuff. you can stay up with me on the twitters (@turquoisewisdom) and on the soundclouds- this one is just me and this one is me and elijah. loads of new mixtapes and other various projects coming very soon. please stay in touch… 


  3. o mundo ka bu kaba.

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    artist: bulimundo

    album: o’ mundo ka bu kaba

    label: black power

    notes from guest selector elijah wood: dj fitz opened the door to the sounds of the late 70s/early 80s cape verde to zach and i in london and i immediately began searching for these illusive records. this is one of my favorites. 


  4. kanti dadum.

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    artist: spike

    album: orange cloud nine

    label: golf channel

    notes: here is a reissue from this year that i REALLY like. buy it.


  5. ant’lard ally.

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    artist: dymaxion

    album: 45

    label: hemiola

    notes from guest selector elijah wood: i first discovered their singles collection and haven’t been able to shake this song since. sounds like a lost pastiche of spy film music. if only it were longer.


  6. eastern market.

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    artist: yusef lateef

    album: latitude 42 30 longitude 83

    label: atlantic

    notes: we just lost a total badass. rip yusef lateef.


  7. bull in the heather.

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    artist: ladies who lunch

    album: 45

    label: grand royal

    notes from guest selector elijah wood: a small side project from kate schellenbach of luscious jackson and josephine wiggs of the breeders covering two kims, this being gordon. sonic youth and drum machines!


  8. coldest night of the year.

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    artist: vashti bunyan

    album: some things just stick in your mind

    label: dicristina

    notes: happy xmas, dudes.


  9. check my machine.

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    artist: paul mccartney

    album: 45

    label: columbia

    notes from guest selector elijah wood: apparently the first song to be recorded for mccartney II to test his equipment, hence the title. this song feels incredibly ahead of it’s time. mccartney II is worth a visit as a whole. odd, funky bedroom record. (thank you, danielle)


  10. underground girl.

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    artist: colin hare

    album: march hare

    label: hanky panky (reissue)

    notes: dude from honeybus killing it solo.